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I absolutely fell in love with this game. I thought part one was good but part two was even better. I was curious if you'd ever consider returning to creating a part three? It was a roller coaster of emotions but I really would be interested in it. If it's not too bold to say, I'd even help in some sort of way. It was just too good of a series not to try to see if it'll ever return.

Thank you so much!

Currently I'm not planning on returning to it because I'm working on my original novel and going to release the 1st part of it this spring. 

I mean I never know what is going to happen in the future xD there is always a possibility that I might return to drarry who knows.

Man, i recently found this and obviusly i feel in love! such an amazing game, the art is gorgeous, the story is so interesting! but i was wondering to... since no one ever asked...

After both good endings there is this dialogue about harry finding a blue stone of some sort, and he just coments something like "Whatever, lets sent it to examination first" and then the game ends lol. I was like wtf what is this stone. There is no sender, just a "To harry potter".

I apreciate it if u could explain lol, im making all kind of weird theories lol

Thank you so much and I'm really happy you liked!

The idea behind the ending goes like this - when I was writing the script I already thought about my next game and it was suppose to be a small hint to it, but sadly after some time I decided to not continue the story for now.

Haha, so my first theory was correct! lol.

Aww that's so bad, i was kinda looking foward to it, but no worries! when u feel you want to continue, or do a new story (since i know u plan to do ur own game *wink wink*) i will be here waiting patiently for your next work! i just fell in love with EVERITHING, so when u make something new i will come dashi run run to play it!

Thanks for making amazing games :D

Have a wonderfull day *sends hearts* <3

Oh my god! Thank you for such kind words! <3 They really do mean a lot to me and my motivation!

Absolutely amazing! I hope you make another, I became a patron just so I could see it <3

Thank you so much ! <3 Well I'm currently making another one but with my own original characters, hope you will also like it ^^!

Is there a walk through some where? I've been trying to one last cg and it's killing me i went through the whole game several times and I don't know how to get it.


Yes, there's a walk through here:

Thank you!

i love this game sooo much, infact i made this account for comment in this post.

but there's something i wanted to ask. is that after they had a s*x and they got caught up is the ending? or ..?

sorry for asking, because i got too emotional for this story and because this is one of the games that i've been looking for.

thank you....

I'm happy that you liked it so much!

Yes, that was one of the endings :)

(1 edit) i'm excited...

thank you so much..

I've been waiting for this ever since I played the first part and I loved it! It was worth the wait... Congratulations on completing it! It was amazing, loved the art! <3 


Thank you!! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!! <3