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I saw the comment about your plans to release the game on steam, just wanna to say I'm eagerly waiting for it. The concept seems to be interesting and characters look great. Yet I don't have a paypal acc. and prefer to keep games in one place (on steam). Thus would be nice to have yours there.

If possible could you make it so we can buy it without the use of paypal. I do not have a paypal account nor do I  wish to make one.  Otherwise the game premise seems very interesting. If you provide a second payment option I will be sure to buy it.  Good luck in-creating the other routes. :)

Thank you!

I was actually planning to release the game on Steam eventually as well (there you can pay via card), if that would work for you, I can let you know when it happens :)

That would be great. Thank you!

Will the other routes be released as other games separately or just as updates? Since I'd rather wait until all the routes are available. :)

If the game makes the money I've already invested back xD then there will be other routes and they will be released as updates, but with each major update I will increase the price of the game :)